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Skybridge Partners is  a member of corresponding European Consortiums in  the following European Commission Funded projects.

 Bios Project

The project “BioS: Digital Skills on Computational Biology” is approved in the European Framework of Erasmus+ / Sector Skills Alliances Programme. BioS aims at advancing the digital skills of medical doctors through the design, development and delivery of new modular vocational curricula on Computational Biology, as well as transversal skills, directly responding to skills needs identified by existing research evidence.

 VETIT Project

The main aim of the VETIT project is the development of new, sustainable cooperation structures on WBL and apprenticeships in the IT sector, through capacity building, the transfer of knowledge and the exchange of practices and experiences from pioneer countries in the field to less experienced, through the establishment of a partnership consisting of local authorities, VET providers, and IT SMEs from Denmark, the UK and Greece, as well as sectoral/professional organizations as associated partners, as associated partners.


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